The three p’s and why they are so important.

When attempting to sell a house there are three vital things which will affect whether or not it actually sells.

They are:

  • the PRICE you set
  • The PROMOTION you do
  • And the way you PRESENT the property

It is therefore vital to address these areas if you want to achieve a sale.
How does it work – well the greater the promotion you do the greater number of potential buyers you will tell that your property exists and perhaps attract to have a look. In most cases the more you spend on advertising the greater number of people you attract and therefore the better your chance of achieving a high price.

(However advertising cleverly need not cost the earth)
So why is presentation important? Well all the advertising pulling in all those good potential customers will be worth nothing if those customers then don’t like the property.

Professional presentation…..can transform your property from ordinary to extraordinary.
An expert’s eye can add space, create ambience, set a scene, and add style and class thereby dramatically increasing the value. What you use as a junk room might become a valuable 4th bedroom or study area. The furnishings might be too big or small to show off the space to best advantage. The things you like might not be everyone’s cup of tea. An expert can show you how to better utilize what you have or inform you what else you need in order to increase the value and sell quickly at the highest possible price.

Homestaging empty properties can add approx 10% to the value and will mean they sell faster than surrounding properties. Buyers are much better able to visualize how they could live in the property when it is furnished. We are experts at making spaces look bigger and more inviting to potential customers.  

Professional presentation advice is much more than just telling you to get rid of the clutter and tidy up a bit – although that alone can add thousands to poorly presented properties. How many hours and how hard would you have to work to save $10,000?

Surely then its worth putting in the small amount of effort needed to perfectly present your property to the buyers. You’d be surprised how many sellers just whack their property on the market thinking that all they need do is call an agent and it will sell. These people are of course right their property will sell (they all will) if you sell at a dramatically low price – I’d buy any house in NZ for $1 so there is a buyer for every property but only if you offer a bargain.

To avoid dropping back your price any further and to maximize your value it makes sense to work on your presentation.
Call the experts to see how we can help – I think you’ll find it’ll be the best money you ever spent.

Jonathan Ogden
Director NZHPC LTD

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